A Brief History of E-Sports

Not everyone knows this but video gaming has gone from a bedroom hobby so a serious business, and many millions of pounds can be made if you strike it lucky in the e-sports industry. The top gaming players in the world earn millions thanks to a boom in the industry, and from something that used to pass on time for children in their bedroom, careers can now be made out of gaming if you are good enough.

E-Sports Events

Going back over a decade, the amount of people that made good money from playing computer games was minimal. While this is of course still a career that very few people can have, many more want to get involved because of the money on offer. Kids who love playing games are now looking at this as a potential career, and parents are beginning to see that too. Gone are the days when parents would laugh at their kids for wanting to do this, now they support them because of the huge potential this sector has.

E-Sports is now a billion dollar business, and the future could take things even further. Right now the signs are there that e-sports will challenge real-life sports in the coming years, something nobody would have ever predicted. This is implying that the same amount of people would be interested in a game between two players on a computer than what would want to see two people battle it out in a real life sporting arena.

E-Sports Tournaments

Last year we saw the most watched e-sports tournament take place. The e-sports events that have been happening recently have had huge followings, but the one from Poland last year was the biggest. The event was called the Intel Extreme Masters Katowice and it attracted a huge 46 million viewers from all over the world. On top of this, a further 173,000 people turned up to watch the event live inside the arena, a truly remarkable number.

Tournaments have become so big that e-sports betting has now really taken off. Many bookmakers offer betting on the upcoming e-sports games, and you can back your favourite teams or players in the hope they can land a victory and win you some money.

E-Sports Teams

One of the biggest e-sports teams out there is Team Liquid, and they won a huge pot in 2017 to cement their place as one of the best in the business. They won a record prize of over $10 million for winning the Dota 2 Championship that was held in Washington during 2017. While ever this kind of money is being thrown around, youngsters will look at e-sports and want a piece of the action. The more that get involved, the harder it becomes to win, so don’t think e-sports is something that you can easily do. The rapid rise looks set to continue, and it won’t be long until we are re-writing the history books with more e-sports records due to the continuous flood of money coming into the events.

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